Valuable Support Staff

Loretta, Client Care Coordinator

Loretta is the Client Care Coordinator and Head Receptionist at All Bay Animal Hospital. With over 29 years of dedicated and loyal service, she is our most senior employee. Having grown up in Tennessee, her southern charm is both sincere and reassuring, making both our patients and their owners at ease under routine or emergency situations. As far as knowledge goes, she can handle just about any question and she’ll either know the answer or find it out for you. Loretta has a loving family at home that includes her husband Fred, two daughters Kimberly and Ashley, and two beautiful grandchildren. She also has a menagerie of pets including 6 dogs, 4 cats, and 2 fish tanks.








Animal Care Attendant

Dani, Receptionist

Olivia, Receptionist

Nada, Receptionist

Cece, Animal Care Attendant

Mira, House Cat

Mira is All Bay’s famous House Cat. She is a multi-talented feline who is able to complete a mountain of paperwork simply by laying on top on it. She also can fix any computer problem by merely walking on the keyboard. Mira is also probably the best team player we have at All Bay. She makes sure that our chairs are kept warm if we stepped away from it, she will always give an empty lap some company, and she will advise you if there are birds hanging out on the window sill. Mira’s special interests included keyboards, sleeping on paper, bird watching and eating (especially when on a diet).

Elliot “Bo-Bo”, House Dog

Lord Snowden, House Cat