Jennifer B, RVT

Jennifer B

Jen worked at All Bay 11 years ago for 1 ½ years when she was going through Tech school. After graduating, she worked at various hospitals around the East Bay but six months ago decided to come back to her roots at All Bay. We are incredibly happy to have her back! She’s a highly talented and valued RVT who is impassioned by helping animals recover, especially from serious disease or ailments, and by helping their owners know how to continue their care at home. Jen’s most rewarding experience was when a little kitten came in with severe diabetic shock and was on the verge of dying, after only ten minutes of treatment, the little kitten opened its eyes and started purring. He since has made a full recovery.

Jen is a big animal lover, she has a pit bull named Chuey, a shih tzu named Mollie, four cats, and one ball python snake. She fell in love with one of her cats when she was nursing it back to health after having one of its front legs amputated. In what little free time she has, she enjoys dirt bikes, kayaking, sprint car racing, and just about any type of outdoor activity with her husband and dogs.


Jennifer is a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl!
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